About ICE2017

The International Congress on Education for the 21st century, hosted by the Ministry of Education, Thailand and the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) bring together diverse education actors and stakeholders representing the governments of SEAMEO Member Countries as well as public and private education institutions and agencies. The Congress will be a platform for the participants to share new learning paradigms and practices, exchange their perspectives on current issues and concerns surrounding education in Southeast Asia and build regional consensus on how education can effectively contribute towards the promotion of human development at the community, country and regional level.


The International Congress on Education for the 21st Century (ICE2017) has three primary aims:


Provide a platform for conversations on experiences and best practices on the implementation of the post-2015 SEAMEO education agenda (seven keys priorities) and on diverse topics that support the sustainable development as a guide for crafting new learning paradigms that are reflective of and responsive to historical, cultural and social realities.

Action Plan

Enhance awareness on regional and national programmes and action plans resulting from a dynamic synergy of strengths, strategies and standards developed by SEAMEO Member Countries leading to the application of more inclusive and innovative learning paradigms and education policies that meet global standards.


Promote regional understanding, commitment to shared action, mutual collaboration and closer cooperation among education actors and stakeholders in Southeast Asia in advancing the quality of learning and ensuring a wider access to education in the region.


Expected Output

At the end of the congress, it is expected that the extensive conversations and discussions among resource persons, experts and participants will come up with the common understanding on how member countries are coping with changes and challenges within the region and shaping common pathways to achieve an improved quality of learning that response to the global needs and a wider access to education, with no one left behind.

Target Participants

Around 600 participants are expected for the International Congress on Education for the 21st Century including education representatives from the eleven (11) SEAMEO Member Countries, administrators and educators from government organizations, public and private educational institutions, agencies and departments as well as invited speakers and moderators.


There will be two types of invited speakers: honorable speakers and selected paper presenters. The honorable speakers are the ones who are invited by Ministry of Education, Thailand and SEAMEO.The paper presenters are the ones who are invited to present through selection of their submitted abstracts.